Far West Spearmint Oil Administrative Committee encourages women, minorities, and the physically challenged to participate in and seek membership on the administrative committee. For more information on this subject please refer to USDA marketing order administration branch at:

Far West Spearmint Oil Administrative Committee Staff

Manager - Shane Johnson

Field Rep - Madi Clark

Secretary - Sheri Nolan


The Next Drawing For Native & Scotch Base Will Be Held Friday, August 12, 2016. For More Information Please Contact the Administrative office at (509) 585-5460

2017 New Base Application Forms - Summer 2016

Our shared vision is to maintain orderly marketing conditions for United States spearmint oil which will result in our continued supremacy in the world market. We will do this by:

Supporting continued production of the world's highest quality oil.

Supporting policies which seek to balance supply to the industry
and reasonable prices to the growers.

Being proactive in domestic and foreign promotion of spearmint oil.

Being the leader in supplying the industry with accurate, pertinent
and timely statistics on mint oils.
In all of the above, constantly seeking to establish and enhance partnerships with handlers, users, and spearmint and peppermint producers in all areas of the U.S.


To view an informative video about Far West Spearmint Oil Production click here.